High quality digital copy of tapestry
Detail of tapestry copied using high resolution digital capture

This unique 24ft Tapestry was stitched to celebrate the Millennium by the Abergavenny Tapestry Group to a design by the designer Susie Martin. We photographed it on location at an extremely high resolution.   A full size reproduction of
the tapestry could be made at the same 7.3 x 1.8 metre size if required as the section below clearly demonstrates.

This is a section at larger than life size taken from the master file above which is in the order of about two thousand megapixels and only just fits on a 4.5 GB DVD. The detail, subtlety and accuracy of colour in every thread of each
stitch is amazing.  The area selected is a very small part of the horse-rider’s staff at top right of the main picture.

best viewed on a 17" plus monitor
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