ICC colour management based Drum Scanning

After the scans have been made they are transferred over to the
editing room. It is here that each scan is critically checked on a
top grade wide gamut profiled monitor against the transparency,
or in the case of negatives the guide print. If we think a scan
could be improved, the film is returned to the scanning room.

Naturally our transparency illuminators and print viewing booths
meet the highest ICC colour management standards so that we
can be certain that what we are delivering to you is correct.

Our scans are supplied blemish free when viewed at 100% subject
to the condition the film is supplied to us in. We test each scan
made for their gamut size, then supply it in the most appropriate
colour space unless instructed otherwise. Doing this avoids the
dangers of their being in too large or too small a colour space.

Our normal method of delivering finished scans is by DVD or CD,
using the Special Delivery postal service, or by courier together
with your film material. We will upload small numbers of scans
to a server for you if this is required.

We are asked to undertake many unusual and difficult scanning jobs
during the course of a year and relish every challenge!   Some of
the finished scans may require a considerable amount of editing to
seamlessly remove or add significant amounts of picture material.

Please feel free to contact us about any aspect of scanning even if
you do not have a project planned at present. We will be delighted
to hear from you and to offer any advice needed.

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preparing Heidelberg Primescan for drum scanning

Close-up of the optics area of one of our two Heidelberg PrimeScan drum scanners.     The drum locks surrounding the drum locating flange are visible, together with three of the four Carousel drum places.

These state-of-the-art A2+ Heidelberg drum scanners ooze precision engineering quality, and together with their advanced electronics justify their seventy thousand dollar price tag. It’s equipment quality like this that allows us to make the drum scans that do full justice to the effort and commitment you’ve put into your photography.

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